Founded in 2021, Attersee is a brand that offers considered essentials designed to elevate the daily ritual of getting dressed. We believe in using the highest-quality materials to make garments that are easy to wear — and made to last.

About Our Name

Attersee is named after the lake in Upper Austria where the artist Gustav Klimt spent his summers around the turn of the 20th century. He was drawn to the lake because it was a place to swim, paint, read, and congregate with friends for long, relaxed dinners. He would pass his days there in flowing caftans, worn with nothing underneath. 

Klimt was so enthralled with his time there, that he would wish for it year-round; come one August, he was particularly overwhelmed by the feeling of being stuck in Vienna that he wrote to a friend: “I long to be gone like never before.” His letters from the Lake paint the picture of a person at their most relaxed — their most at ease. It is this spirit that inspires the brand: a belief that you can feel easy, and comfortable in your skin, whether you’re on holiday — or not. Emilie Flöge and Gustav Klimt on Lake Attersee. 

I long to be gone like never before.