Sue Chan's Gift Guide

As founder of Care of Chan, a food-culture agency based in New York City, Sue bridges the food and design worlds, one party at a time — connecting chefs with fashion and design brands for product launch events and collaborations. 

Below, a few special things on her gift (and wish) list this year.

A Beautiful Cooking Vessel

In Japan, Donabe (“clay pot”) is widely used for making hot pot dishes, but it’s also great for winter stews. Make sure to buy one from Mrs. Donabe herself, Naoko Takei Moore, at her shop Toiro Kitchen in Los Angeles. Iga-Yu Donabe, From $80

A Very Personal Coffee Table Book

I value history and tradition, so I love the idea of giving someone a book of the full New York Times issue from the day they were born. Who wouldn’t want a present that’s all about them! 

New York Times Custom Birthday Book, $145

A Bartender’s Delight

The perfect gift combo for your holiday party hosts: a nice bottle of sweet vermouth (or any aperitif) and chic glassware. The other guests will thank you, too. 

Lo-Fi Aperitifs Sweet Vermouth, $25; MAMO glasses, $28

A Festive Blanket

This ultra-warm mohair blanket is a collaboration between Tekla Fabrics and British architect John Pawson, who drew inspiration from a vibrant red Donald Judd chair at his home in The Cotswolds. 

Tekla Mohair Blanket, $445

An Unusual Investment Piece

The design world has never been more exciting and eclectic, so now’s the time to give well-made, unique décor pieces that can be passed down through generations. I'm personally eyeing a few things for myself, like Minjae Kim’s Lola Chair with seat back ears.

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